Calmast is working with local authorities, industry groups, NGOs and schools to develop the South East as a STEM Region.


Calmast is Waterford Institute of Technology's STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Outreach Centre. Waterford Institute of Technology is a higher education institute in the Southeast of Ireland and Calmast is now funded by SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) as the STEM Hub for the South East region.

The centre now attracts over 20,000 participants annually in it programme in the region. Calmast is unique in that it promotes all areas of STEM  and while most of the programmes target primary and secondary schools the audience spans from pre-school to senior citizen groups!

Calmast started the Bealtaine Living Earth Festival in 2006 to promote biodiversity and natural heritage in the South East.

Calmast also makes a significant contribution overall to Ireland's efforts to become a "Smart Economy" instigating (2006) and coordinating Maths Week Ireland and participating in the annual BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition and supporting and participating many other groups and projects nationally. In the region Calmast organises Scifest in Waterford and participates in local festivals such as Waterford Spraoi.

The centre has been working for many years to highlight the contribution of one of the most important scientists in history, Waterford-born Robert Boyle. The Robert Boyle Summer School was established (2012) in association with Lismore Heritage Centre.  You can also visit our Facebook page for the event here.

The centre has active links with STEM awareness groups internationally and has presented in Korea, Prague, Lisbon, Genoa and the UK.

The Bealtaine Living Earth Festival was chosen as one of the top 10 events worldwide for International Year of Biological Diversity on the Guardian website.

The centre was awarded the prestigious Spirit of Enterprise Michael Dee Award in May 2011. This award is for contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of the Southeast region of Ireland. The centre has previously won many awards including a Waterford Crystal Gal Greine Award for Science Education, The EU Descartes Award for Science Communication and the Engineers Ireland Science, Engineering and Technology Awareness Award, but the greatest reward is seeing the rising number of young people studying science and engineering.

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