Participating Groups

Calmast gratefully acknowledges the time, support and effort of the following partner groups located in the South East and throughout the country:

3.jpg Wfor county council Copper Coast

Waterford City Council Waterford County Council              Copper Coast Geopark


opw lhc mise

Office of Public Works            Lismore Heritage Centre      Mammals in a Sustainable Environment


GIY HSI eco unesco

Grow It Yourself International      Herpetological Society of Ireland                ECO-UNESCO


Museum tourin sea gard

National Museum of Ireland             Tourin House & Gardens               The Sea Gardener


IWT Bilberry Goats Group

Irish Wildlife Trust


Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science is Supported by:


Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government


Ireland's EU Structural Funds Programmes (As part of MISE funding)

Sfi disc

SFI Discover Science Foundation Ireland

Open places

Places- Cities of Scientific Culture Project