Celebrating our Living Earth in the Southeast of Ireland

The 10th Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science will take place  from

17th - 25th May 2014

and will include  International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22nd- this year's theme is Island Biodiversity

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United Nations - Decade of Biodiversity

Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science: Celebrate our Living Earth runs this year from the 18th to the 26th of May. This year we are expanding our programme for the event to include both International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22nd and our new addition, Fascination of Plants Day on May 18th. Both days celebrate the importance of the world around us: International Day for Biological Diversity celebrates the diversity of life all around us and makes us think about how we can protect it. We have several events running this year linked to theme of the year, which is Water and Biodiversity. The second major day of our event, is Fascination of Plants Day. This day focuses on the importance of plant life- as a resource, a focus for research and focal point for recreation. We also have several events planned for this, which can be viewed in our programme.

The festival is a unique partnership between visitor centres and environmental organisations in the south-east interested in promoting the pursuit of outdoor science and is particularly designed with young people in mind. Our partners include the City Council, County Council, Copper Coast Geopark, Waterford Institute of Technology Research Groups, The National Biodiversity Data Collection Centre, Lismore Heritage Centre and a host of expert writers, nature experts and researchers. A comprehensive list of our partners is available from the sidebar.

Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science derives its name from the ancient Celtic celebration of the return of summer. This festival is all about celebrating late spring and early summer and the biological changes this brings to the world around us.

This is the 9th year of the festival and to date we have held hundreds of events introducing many thousands of students and members of the general public to the exemplary natural resources of the Southeast of Ireland. Events are wide-ranging and cover topics as diverse as earthquakes, Irish mammals, how to cook with sea-weed, river ecology as well as a look at reptiles, scorpions, insects and more with Dave’s Jungle.

In 2010, Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science was chosen by The Guardian website as being one of the top ten world-wide events celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity. Since then, the festival has only become bigger and better! This year we are hosting 40 events for the south-east region!

A lot of people’s awareness of outdoor science comes from books or nature documentaries. Bealtaine offers a unique programme suitable for all ages to explore the great outdoors and learn about the science of the world around us! The festival is ideal for primary school tours, secondary ecology field trips, transition year modules and general public interest. Please find an event that suits your interests and come along! All events are free, but booking is required. Contact Eleanor Reade at 051 302037 or by e-mailing ereade@wit.ie.

The festival is co-ordinated by CALMAST, the leading centre for the promotion of science, maths, engineering and technology in Ireland. CALMAST attracts over 12,000 visitors annually to science related events in the region . We organise five festivals annually: Maths Week Ireland, The Robert Boyle Summer School, Robert Boyle Science Week, Engineering Week and Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science.