Citizen Science - Bat evening with MISE

WIT research group MISE will run a bat monitoring workshop in association with Bat Conservation Ireland. This is for members of the public who are interested in getting involved with important surveys this summer. You too can participate in important scientific research!

Venue           Ramada Hotel, Waterford (visit to bat roost afterwards)

Time/date      5:45pm-  10:30pm Saturday 26th May

A bat monitoring workshop for members of the public who are interested in participating in surveys to be conducted by MISE and BCIreland this summer.
Participants will learn how to use a bat detector, how to identify signs indicating that bats are present at a potential roost site, and how to carry out an emergence survey to count the number of bats exiting a roost at dusk.

MISE stands for "Mammals in a Sustainable Environment" and is a joint research project between Southeast of Ireland and Wales. MISE researchers are also working on other important mammals and if you are interested in learning more about MISE check here