Tuesday: Birdboxes, Biofuels and Bonmahon

Another event- filled day for the Festival.

Birdbox Workshops 2011

On Tuesday Dr Nick McCarthy gave a series of workshops on how to make bird-boxes to children from local primary schools. Splitting into groups, the children made their own bird-boxes, designed by Nick, to bring home.  The boxes should last for 7- 8 years before rotting and now the students know how to make more to replace these ones in the future. During the workshop Nick told the students about native birds and their nesting habits.  He also gave tips on where to put the bird-boxes to keep them safe from predators and so that birds will be encouraged to nest in them.

One of the best way to understand how baby chicks develop, according to Nick, is to watch the Mooney webcam monitoring the development of baby blue tits in the nest at the moment on the RTE Mooney Goes Wild webpage, http://www.rte.ie/radio/mooneygoeswild/features/mooneycam/bluetitcam.html

 Eoin's Energy Talk

Energy: what we need it for and all its sources were investigated in two talks given by Eoin Gill. Eoin discussed how traditional sources of energy are used and the different sources of energy people are beginning to use now that fossil fuels like oil and coal are running out.  There were many practical demonstrations of the different types of energy, from solar power to biofuels and more than one or two(controlled) explosions.

Cornish Engine house, Brendan Jackman Photography

 In the evening, Bruce Mc Donald gave a guided tour of the geology and history of Tankardstown and Stage Cove, alongside stunning scenery. The tour started at the ruin of the Tankardstown Cornish Engine House where during the last century the engine stored here pumped the local copper mines to a depth of 400 meters. Then the group walked to Stage Cove where the geology of the area was discussed. It was fascinating to see the almost bottomless mine shafts and the weather was decidedly better than it had been on the walk last year.

  Photographs(above and below) Brendan Jackman Photography                Brendan Jackman Photography